Radiance VR App

The App for inspiring VR Experiences in Visual Arts

The Radiance VR App provides free and paid content. It enables you to watch unique and rare VR artworks by visual artists on your Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 head-mounted display. You can rent an increasing number of artistic VR videos for a limited amount of time (48 hours). Selected artworks are available for free anytime.


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Please find the catalog of all artworks and download the Radiance VR App here: 


What is VR in Visual Arts?

Visual artists use their chosen medium to critically reflect upon and discuss today’s society or individual living conditions, or to scrutinize and question the possibilities or limits of the medium itself. They go beyond the creative possibilities of the medium and deal critically with their surroundings to include their thoughts and conclusions within their artwork. 


Which artists participate?
Banz & Bowinkel, Patricia Detmering, Sandrine Deumier, Séamus Gallagher, Olivia McGilchrist, Mohsen Hazrati, Bianca Kennedy, Francois Knoetze and Amy Wilson, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Erin Ko and Jamie Martinez, Lauren Moffatt, Ora Ruven, The Swan Collective, Hana Yoo, Armin Keplinger, Evelyn Bencicova and Arielle Esther and Joris Demnard (Ikonospace), OLEK, Matteo Zamagni



More about the Radiance VR App and its founders

In April 2021, Philip Hausmeier and Tina Sauerlaender, co-founders of Radiance VR (2017), launched the Radiance VR App. After two successful collaborations with the VR ART PRIZE, and Gazelli Art House, the application now presents an exclusive selection of the latest and most inspiring VR art experiences for rent. Tina Sauerlaender on the App: “We are very happy and proud to finally launch the Radiance VR App which is an outstanding selection of 22 VR artworks by 22 artists from 14 countries. More will be added every month. Our app provides a new business model for VR art. Users can rent VR artworks for a small amount of money for 48 hours to stream or download the work and watch it with their Oculus Quest headset. We apply a model from the film industry to VR art to enable artists to earn revenues from their VR artworks that are expensive to produce. We aim for a sustainable sales model for VR art for the future that renders VR art visible and accessible to a large audience.”

How to use the Radiance VR App  

1. Register by creating your own personal Radiance account on radiancevr.app

2. Download the Radiance VR App (beta) from your account on radiancevr.app

3. Sideload it to your Quest. Here is a list of manuals of how to do that for Mac and PC

4. Open the app on your Quest (it is stored under Unknown Sources)

5. Enter the authentication code displayed there in your Radiance VR account to connect your headset

6. Watch VR art experiences on your Quest. (We recommend using the download function)

7. Rent VR experiences via your Radiance VR account (in your computer browser)

If you have more questions, please read our Installation GuideFAQ or contact us here


All images (c) the artists / Please click on the images to see the credits