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On April 16, 2021, the Radiance VR App launched with a collaboration with the VR ART PRIZE by DKB in Cooperation with CAA Berlin presenting video versions of the artworks by the VR artists nominated for the VR ART PRIZE, Banz & Bowinkel, Evelyn Bencicova, Patricia Detmering, Armin Keplinger and Lauren Moffatt. 


During summer 2021, the second presentation focuses on Radiance's collaboration with Gazelli Art House and gazell.io, London. The four artists Jocelyn Anquetil (with Charles Harrop-Griffiths), Evelyn Bencicova (with Joris Demnard/Ikonospace and Arielle Esther), Armin Keplinger and Matteo Zamagni present their VR artworks at the Radiance App.


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How to use the Radiance VR App 


1. Register by creating your own personal Radiance account on radiancevr.app

2. Download the Radiance VR App (beta) from your account on radiancevr.app

3. Sideload it to your Quest. Here is a list of manuals of how to do that for Mac and PC

4. Open the app on your Quest (it is stored under Unknown Sources)

5. Enter the authentication code displayed there in your Radiance VR account to connect your headset

6. Watch the VR art experiences on your Quest


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