Ora Ruven

Invasive Species Museum, 2018

VR experience for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Mobile VR

The museum wants to suggest, according to the scientific definition of Invasive species, that human is also an invasive species. From a soft invasion of roaming in search of grazing to invading groups, clans, battalions of fighters, emigration with hope, escape from hunger, in the war for the sake of anything.


16:40 minutes


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Teaser (Hebrew with English Subtitles):

Hebrew Version (long):

English Version (long):


I'm an interdisciplinary artist, based in Tel Aviv. I made my first works as autodidactic stone sculptor. During 3 years I had participated stone symposia in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Israel, created monumental sculptures of 3 meters. Than I had my art study in Beit Berl Ha-Midrasha. My new way is based on two kind of interests: I'm attracted by the human relation to the naked body, and the digital and material integration in new media artworks.

The Israeli reality is very turbulent. In my art I react to the reality. It can't be otherwise, because the personal is political and vice versa. My projects dealt with the female gaze at naked men; self portrait in old age; the future of children in Israel, contemporary cultural body painting on clay vases, In PC work I put mosques in Tel Aviv, with cardboard and newspapers I made dynamic installations, with the visitor's participation  -  gesture to old Pompeii, and I paint 3D paintings in virtual reality.

This VR Experience is available at the Radiance VR App:



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