Martina Menegon

keep in touch, 2019

VR experience for HTC Vive

“keep in touch” is an uncomfortable Virtual Reality experience, in which the user is surrounded and trapped by a cloud of wet grotesque hands, their fingers floating, bouncing and pointing while being very close, almost suffocating. By moving the head, one can push these hands away for a short while, but they eventually always come back. The user is left helplessly immersed in a reality full of virtual hand-looking creatures that should not be felt, yet are strongly perceivable.


A documentation of this artwork can also be found on ADA:




Martina Menegon (Italy, 1988) is an artist working with Interactive and Mixed Reality Art to create intimate and complex assemblages of physical and virtual elements that explore the contemporary self and its synthetic corporeality. She is teaching at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and regularly collaborates with Klaus Obermaier and Stefano D’Alessio, teaching multimedia tools for interactive arts at the IUAV University in Venice and creating interactive performances and installations. Since 2019 she is directing :afk, curating Mixed Reality Art exhibitions in Vienna. She currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.