Rindon Johnson

My Daughter Aaliyah, 2016

VR experience for Mobile VR

“Their piece is a surreal meditation that “works thru ideas of the erotic” set to the audio backdrop of the thundering tones of *that* overwhelmed Christian mother getting mad about Vince Staples from viral video fame. The piece feels like it’s more than about bodies or swimming pools or one white woman’s enraged reaction to rap music — it abstractly and elegantly seems to touch upon the current political climate in America.”

- Sophie Atkinson of Daddy.Land




Rindon Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist and writer. Moving between Virtual Reality and sculpture, Johnson has exhibited and read widely in Europe and the US. Johnson is the author of "Nobody Sleeps Better Than White People" from Inpatient Press, the virtual reality book, "Meet in the Corner" from Publishing-House.Me and “Shade the King” forthcoming from Capricious. Johnson’s writing has appeared in Hyperallergic, Rhizome, The Brooklyn Rail and the Miami Rail. Johnson founded Imperial Matters with Sophia Le Fraga. Somehow, Johnson lives between Brooklyn and Berlin. Most of the time, Johnson lives in Brooklyn.

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