Shuaitong Zong & Thomas Boys

Dream Job, 2021

VR experience for Oculus Go, Oculus Rift & Mobile VR

What if dreaming was your 9-5 job? The characters of “Dream Job” live in a society where physical work is minimal and most labor is mechanized. This creates an industry around dreaming. Most human interaction in this world has been translated into the digital space, including gatherings for social as well as professional means. For example, in order to amplify creative power, characters collaborate by dreaming collectively. In a lucid dream they “meet” and share a collectively experienced dream reality.

In one such shared mission of the government’s dream program, Shin(35) faces her dismissive boss, Jonas (61), and has to gain trust from her co-worker Ivan(16). With mixed perspectives and high personal stakes on all sides, the characters confront their views in a discussion on the mission and the purpose of the dream program. As the ideal meets reality, the film asks whether the human ego is compatible with a hive mind structure, even when motivated by the survival of the species. Are we capable of organizing and industrializing solutions for a higher purpose without direct reward?


Duration: 13:33 min


Actors: Errol Trotman-Harewood, Malaya Takeda, Langston Uibel

Directed by Shuaitong Zong & Thomas Boys

produced by Isabelle Konrad & Shuaitong Zong

Screenplay by Carina Obrecht

Director of Photography: Jelena Luise

Technical Supervisor: Jonas Beile

Unit manager: Isabelle Konrad

Set design by Thomas Boys & Shuaitong Zong

Styling by Rose Redhead & Luise Schuhmacher

Hair and Make-up by Nelly Corsten

CGI by Dominic Lutz & Ernest Borowski

Film music by Dandy Jack

Sound operator: Gabriel Ohresser

Colour grading by Pauline Cemeris

Sound Design & Mix by Manuel Sécou

Dream Contributors: David Schiesser, Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective, Lucas Gutierrez, Gaël Corboz, Joana Huguenin, Jamy Hermann, Sebastian Zimmerhackl, Alfatih




Shuaitong Zong (1995, Tianjin, China) is a media artist and graphic designer. She finds her place as an explorer and translator of experience: sensing the world, questioning boundaries, and challenging systems of production and value. She engages with the imagination and participates in contemporary debates about the environment, new ecologies, and human production processes through a balance of applied and speculative work.

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