Tian Xiaolei

Cyborg Game, 2016

VR experience for HTC Vive

"Inevitable"--Virtual reality Game (1)


Rules: use the right hand button to shoot. You need to shoot Venus and the fetus and shoot down the hands coming towards you, both in front of you and behind you. There are green blood cells on the weapon of the player. With each hit the player loses more blood cells until they die.


Explanation: Venus symbolizes the human ideal, and also desire, but her mechanical arms turn her into a religious figure. The original Venus is beautiful despite her missing hand but technology has a way of constantly accelerating and increases our desires. The fusion of man and technology and the resistance to this fusion will become an intricate and complex process; we can call it a war of desires.


"Creation"--Virtual reality Game (2)


Rules: shoot with the right joystick. Holding the round button and the trigger at the same time take the golden staff from the platform and hold it tight. Use it to strike the objects, which are popping up through the holes in the platform. Each successful strike and you’ll be awarded points within the time allotted. Use the round button on the left hand joystick and parabolas and circles will appear. Losen your grip on the joystick until you navigate to the parabolas and circles. When you reach the blue line do not go any further.


Explanation: this person with geometric crystals growing out of their body is making love to the table. Out of the holes in the table protrude various man-machine hybrid forms, which symbolizes the increasingly complex species, which are the products of technology and the insatiable desire of mankind. When they player uses this “uterus stick” they can put a halt to this creation, but actually it is a futile act, like a praying mantis standing in front of a line of chariots hoping to stop their progression.


"Secret"--Virtual reality Game (3)


Rules: Using the joystick you can lift the veil, which is covering the head of these lovers quietly enjoying themselves and waiting for danger to arrive.


Explanation: I want to talk about the issue of virtual identities. I tried to create a strange red scene for these lovers, using Magritte’s classic image. When the viewer lifts the cloth all they see is two cameras staring back at them, so the observer becomes the observed, and the sense of pressure and danger slowly approaches.




In 2007, Tian Xiaolei (*1982 in Beijing,China) graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) majored in digital media,Beijing,China, currently lives and works in Beijing, China. Digital media art is the carrier of my creation, I am interested in the uncertainty of the rapid iteration in this era and interested in the relationship between life science and technology, also in the future evolution in this new species produced by the hybrid age. I use the artist's perspective to create the future world specimens, blend of history, religion, science and technology, the body, and to create the new artistic experience.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.