Nirma Madhoo

Azimuth, 2019

VR experience for Mobile VR

Azimuth is a short fashion 360 VR film presenting fashion performances in a triptych of stylised Brutalist architectural environments. Concrete is conceptualised in three elemental states – liquid |solid |ether and these are presented as visual metaphor. The fashioned body is imaged underwater, flying in an urban jungle; and ascending as a fully digitally mediated entity. Azimuth is in a non-narrative style of experimental fashion film and it seeks to explore notions of a digital aesthetic, subverting the idea of generic notions of African identities as ethnic ‘Other’. As alternative, non-stereotypical fashion new media, Azimuth is a re-dress of African identities as contemporary, progressive and aspirational.

Duration: 7 minutes



Based between Durban and Melbourne, Nirma Madhoo is a fashion filmmaker, researcher and PhD student. Nirma originally trained as a fashion designer but transited to fashion image-making due to inherent interdisciplinary interests. She seeks to experiment with a digital aesthetic in fashion new media while critically engaging with practice and theory. Nirma has directed and produced fashion films have shown in UK, South Africa, Australia at short film and fashion film festivals; and at fashion and digital festivals.

2019 Azimuth

2018 Bottom of the Blue

2017 Labtayt Sulci

2015 Future Body

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.