Matteo Zamagni

Nature Abstraction, 2015

VR experience for Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive

Nature Abstraction is an immersive sensory experience that explores the arcane forms of fractals, mathematical visual representation of natural and biological forms. The project gives an insight into fractal formations through virtual reality, where they appear as three planets: Birth, Communion and Aether; Each accompanied with scores designed to facilitate meditative state and relaxation; The fractals have also been processed through Google’s Deepdream, transforming the fractal landscapes into morphing psychedelic patterns that our eye will recognise as very familiar shapes although the way the images are created only aims to create a variety of random patterns on the canvas. The audience is guided to explore these planets and dive into their vast complexities as well as observing the contrast between the entirely digital created world inside the VR against the fully analogue created film projected onto the faces of the cube which have been filmed in real life, recreating using analogue visual effects and various chemical elements.


Duration: 5:57 min.


This VR Experience is available at the Radiance VR App:




Matteo Zamagni (b. 1992) is an artist working across visual arts, multimedia installations, film production, and electronic music. Through these distinct and intersecting creative forays, Zamagni connects an array or contemporary technologies and esoteric topics in order to critically explore the complex of crises that characterize a contemporary epoch of planetary-scale environmental, economic, and social upheaval. Zamagni’s practice offers a multi-scalar analysis of the consequences wrought by disaster capitalism and its lasting impact on the planet’s ecosystems. Using analytical geoscientific tools, VR/AR/MR, real-time generative imaging, world-building, photogrammetry, physics simulations, and CGI techniques, his artworks simulate and combine elemental natural forms with immersive media.

This VR Experience is available at the Radiance VR App:


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