Yotam Rozin

Homescape, 2018

VR experience for Oculus Rift

Homescape is an interactive VR experience. It is a dark and eerie night stroll around the outskirts of Maas, an Israeli village. The viewer explores the fields where native trees and animals, abandoned buildings from colonial British rule and ruins of Palestinian settlements all reside together. These marginal spaces are the sites of the artist's childhood memories, and it is there that the viewer is confronted with the unknown - the mysterious regions close to home and the uncharted territories of their own mind. With a guided meditation sequence opening the VR piece, the project bridges the history and cognitive experience of the individual with the local and global cultures in which they are immersed.



Yotam Rozin, Concept, Direction, Development, Design, Sound Design

Yinon Kuperstein, Sound Design

Jungle Studio, Sound Design

Ayelet Yekutiel, Narration

Yuval Rozin, Audio Engineer

Mala Kline, Script Adviser

Micaela Terk, Script Adviser

Special Thanks: Sagie Pudinsky | Shiri Blumenthal | Almog Melamed | Idan Amati | Shachar Kantor | Wendy Geri | Tal Haring | Adi Lavy | Shirin Anlen

Asset Attribution: "Campfire," https://goo.gl/8XByuj by David Stenfors licensed under CC BY 4.0




Born in 1989, Yotam Rozin is an Indie game developer, media artist and independent designer/animator. Yotam’s work rewires poetics and politics with both cutting-edge and prevalent technological media in order to expand the borders of human experience. Since 2013, Yotam’s work has been exhibited and presented in festivals and galleries both in Israel and abroad, including Festival De Cannes, SparkCG, Haifa International Film Festival (Israel) and others. Yotam has been professionally animating since 2008, and has been working with the European Union, Microsoft, activist duo The Yes Men, PeaceNow, and more.

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