Miyö Van Stenis

Miyö's War Room, 2016

VR experience for Oculus Rift

Miyö’s War Room, explore from an ontological position two forms of power that in our contemporary society seems to be in constant confrontation as it is Sexuality and War, represented through the ideological structure of supremacy shaped by gender: Feminism and Patriachalism. Influent and highlighting the importance of video games for society around the subject of War/violence and of course dearly attach to John Romero’s work and impact with the game that introduce to not only the concept of “First person shooter” but also proving what Reich describe in his theories, that we all have secret desires for killing. DOOM (1993 – ID Software) introduce to ours living room death and destruction as a product, therefore as a merchandise. But this techgore game starring an unnamed space marine who fight against undead and monsters teach us and reinforce in western society the cult of war that capitalism preach so proudly.




Born in 1989. Artist and curator specialized in New Media Art, currently based in Paris. Her work explores in the technological field: interfaces, operating systems, softwares and devices involved in the Internet as an performative action where the value is the human pursuing the error or the limit but also has a series of projects related to the socio-political crisis in Venezuela. Her curatorial work is centered in the criticism and the aesthetics of new medias/technologies; such as DeOrigenBelico since 2010 and Beautiful Interfaces since 2013 and founder member of the activist group: Dismantling the Simulation.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.