Emilia Staciuk & Maite Pucci

ODRE, 2019 (modified in 2022)

VR experience for Oculus/Meta Quest

ODRE questions the idea of the body as a subordinated receipt, a container of our souls. It is an exploration of the limitations built around it, the silence, the censorship and the pleasure produced in an attempt to deny the finiteness of flesh.


Where does the dead body go?

Where do I put the limit between me and Other?


It is an interactive and immersive virtual reality experience, in which a space is proposed with four situations of static dramatism, modeled in 3D, in which the user can walk through and illuminate the scene by carrying a flashlight in one of the controls. The audiovisual universe is completed by an experimental music composition.


The duration of the experience is relative to each user (between 5 to 10 minutes). The room scale has to be approximately 8m2 to allow the user to walk comfortably. The physical installation includes four totems (two of them with 3D prints illuminated on top) connected by ropes that make up a square, building the exhibition space.




Maite Pucci and Emilia Staciuk are two argentinian designers born in 1995. Both of them studied Image and Sound Design in Buenos Aires, currently Maite is working on the production stage of an animation series project in 3D and Emilia has developed in the field of graphic design, and also continues to explore digital image and video as a VJ, now based in Berlin.


They are interested in the VR format as a tool to question the relationship between what can be touched (shell) and what can not (ghost). They created a space to explore the blurred limits between You and Other, our deep disgust and fear of death and freaks.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.