Ziyang Wu and Mark Ramos

Networked Ecosystem, 2021

AR experience for Mixed Reality Glasses

Networked Ecosystem is a live-simulation environment that presents an ecosystem built of a variety of digital senses. Originally commissioned by NEW INC at the New Museum, Rhizome and Nokia Bell Labs, Networked Ecosystem takes machine vision and sensing data collected by Bell Lab’s experimental robots and sensors and repurposes it to drive a 3D environmental simulation. In Networked Ecosystem, natural phenomena have been replaced by digital and artificial systems as forces that drive development: Electricity/battery = sustenance, WIFI signals = nutrition, Lidar data = fire/heat. Data organisms populate this digital ecosystem as native life forms in the form of bots, AI’s, and avatars. Visitors to this networked landscape develop new kinds of digital senses to experience data as environmental changes, and interact with the simulated world and each other in an ever-changing online environment.


The AR version of Networked Ecosystem is in collaboration with Alibaba Cloud XR Lab and Alibaba Cloud Design Center.


Duration: Infinite duration





Ziyang Wu is an artist based in New York and Hangzhou, currently teaching at School of Visual Arts and the School of Design and Innovation at China Academy of Art, and is a current member of New Museum’s art and technology incubator NEW INC. With an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a BFA from the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, his works have exhibited internationally, including Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Philadelphia, Rhizome at the New Museum in New York, Walker Art Center and Rochester Art Center in Minnesota, Academy Art Museum in Maryland, Today Art Museum, Times Art Museum and Song Art Museum in Beijing, Ming Contemporary Art Museum and Powerlong Museum in Shanghai, Medici Palace in Florence and Milan Design Week.

Recent awards and residencies include “Kai Wu” Interdisciplinary Studio Residency at Media Art Lab at Times Museum, Residency Unlimited (RU) , MacDowell Fellowship, Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA) at Alfred University, Art(ists) on the Verge Fellowship by Northern Lights.mn and Jerome Foundation, AACYF Top 30 under 30 (Class of 2021), the AICAD Teaching Fellowship by Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design.


Mark Ramos is a Brooklyn-based new media artist. Mark is deeply committed to the ethos of open source: the free sharing of information and data + creative uses of technology. His work is engaged with democratizing the worlds of art and technology through community and individual empowerment via the means of technological production. Mark makes fragile post-colonial technology using the mediums of physical computing (using computers to sense and react to the physical world), web/software programming and digital sculpture to create interactive work that facilitate encounters with our own uncertain digital futures.

Mark has exhibited his work locally both in New York City and San Francisco, including the inaugural exhibition of Arsenal Gallery in Brooklyn and as part of multiple exhibitions at Artist Television Access and internationally in Europe and Asia. He is an adjunct faculty member at the School of Visual Arts, Hunter College, and NYU Computer Science. You can also find him playing drums for various bands in Brooklyn.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.