(Laura Perrenoud, David Colombini, Marc Dubois)

2199, 2016

VR experience for Mobile VR (Multiplayer)

2199 is a virtual reality installation based on perception and control : Three people, sat on a rotating plate, wearing VR headsets. The experiment is guided by a voice-over who delivers instructions. They are brought to look at some precise points, to launch rotations of the plates. Sometimes they lose control, control the others, or are being controlled. So despite being a distinct component of the installation, they are committed to a choreography. 2199 is an innovative experiment, but also a reflection of our vulnerability inside VR. It questions a technology that is too often accepted unconditionally.




Fragmentin is a Swiss-based interaction design studio using a range of different skills and material to produce high-end artistic and commissioned projects. By exploring the limit between digital and tangible, our artistic projects question the impact of technologies on our everyday life, in particular, their vocation to anticipate and control it. In this context, some of our Art pieces propose to embrace serendipity as an antidote to control. Our artworks have been exhibited internationally.The studio was originally founded in 2014 by Laura Perrenoud, Marc Dubois and Simon de Diesbach (who left the studio in 2017). The studio has been joined by our friend David Colombini. We all met at ECAL where we studied in the Media & Interaction Design program. In 2015, we won the COLLIDE (Arts at CERN) residency in Geneva, which allowed us to create a project and conduct researches at CERN.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.