Chiara Passa

Exploring Extreme Surfaces And Terrains, 2015- 

VR experience for Mobile VR

Exploring Extreme Surfaces And Terrains is a series of virtual reality video sculptures made by diverse materials: Google cardboard, Plexiglas and 360° geometric animations in continuous transformation deconstructing and reshaping extreme and minimalist, tangible surfaces and wireframe terrains. The 3D visor incorporated into the sculpture-surface (as part of the VR video sculptures) projected 360° onto the rough surface, which gives the three-dimensional spatial extension on geometric forms with an apparently icy and impersonal kind of abstraction. My VR video-sculptures explore surface and structure as lively interface; allowing audience, thru the 3d-viewer inside to take a journey beyond the physical space, crossing over abstract animations in continuous transformation mixing minimalist nuances and conceptual degrees generated by the shifts of the geometry language, that in the virtual-reality-liquid dimension overturn completely Cartesian coordinates/axis. It is through the audience experience that my VR video-sculptures addresses us to the paradox of the modern space-time condition, diluted even more in between physical and liquid space.

So, the spectators become blind and ultra-seeing at the same time perceiving a kind of abstract-space that is meant the pure shape of intuition.

(Chiara Passa)


Google cardboard VR video-sculptures, February 2015-ongoing

1’ each animation


Video about Chiara Passa's artistic practice



Chiara Passa, visual artist (Rome 1973) working in media art since 1997.  I am graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Rome; Master in new audio-visual mediums at the Faculty of Modern Literature. Lived around for several years. At the moment I’m living and working in Rome.  My artistic research analyses differences in virtual spaces through a variety of techniques technologies and devices - often using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies as an artistic medium. So, I work with animations, net-artworks, interactive and site-specific video-installations and VR video-sculptures and video objects. My artwork was internationally exhibited from festivals, conferences and institutions, as: “InSonic” immersive art show, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Museum, Karlsrhue (2017); "From live architecture: Dimensioning" solo show at Furtherfield gallery, London (2016); “Off Biennale Cairo" (2015-2016); " ISEA Disruption", Conference and exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery. (2015); "Morphos", Vortex Dome Los Angeles. Curated by Ethan Bach. (2014); Media Art Histories 5: RENEW conference, Riga. (2013).  FILE | Electronic Language International Festival, São Paulo. (2011); Electrofringe - festival of new media art, Newcastle, Australia. (2008); BizArtCenter, Shangai (2005); 11° Biennale of young artists of Europe and the Mediterranean countries. Cosmos – a sea of art”. Athens. (2003). 

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