Another Kind of Dying, 2020

VR experience for Oculus Go and Oculus Quest

Another Kind of Dying – Virtual Experience Synopsis – This 360-degree virtual experience is an adaptation of the award-winning theatre production Another Kind of Dying by South African playwright Amy Louise Wilson. It follows the journey of Silumko, a young Xhosa man who moves from the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa to Johannesburg after the loss of his father. This work, created by capturing live performance using Depthkit, is a coming-of-age story aboutidentity, perceptions of patriarchy and masculinity in South Africa and the burdens they



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Director – Amy Louise Wilson

Producer – Amy Louise Wilson. Supported by the Virtual National Arts Festival 2020.

Video and Art Direction: Francois Knoetze

Performance: Aphiwe Livi

Music: Dumama (Gugu Duma)

Performance Coaching: Joanna Evans (US)

Country – South Africa

Language – isiXhosa with English subtitles

Date – 2020

Duration – 16 minutes

Genre – Magical Realism

Medium – 360 video

With thanks to - Electric South.




Based in South Africa, the Lo-Def Film Factory’s (Francois Knoetze and Amy Louise Wilson) work involves archival research, dramaturgy, and visual strategies associated with video art, collage, sculptural installation and Virtual Reality, to explore and create space for collaborative and experimental community storytelling. The Lo-Def Film Factory was created by artist duo Francois Knoetze and Amy Louise Wilson. Francois is a sculptor, performance, and video artist, who creates narrative portraits of the uncertainty in the nervous system of a global digital machine at the brink of collapse. Amy is a writer and performer interested in traditional South African theatre practices as a methodology for research and experimentation. The duo work with digital technologies in a DIY practice which embraces mistake-making.

This VR Experience is available via the Radiance VR App:


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