Where does your quinoa come from?, 2017

VR experience for Mobile VR

This project aims to create consciousness about the origin, distribution and culture clash surrounding quinoa in South America (Perú) versus the Western World. Using technology I want to create contrast between the lifestyle that that quinoa eaters from the Andes have compared to the ones in the Europe and the USA. In the Andes there is no such thing as youtube bloggers, vegan lifestyles, Instagram food pics or dieting. The fact that quinoa is considered ‘posh’, trendy and expensive is affecting the way Andean communities live. Prices have risen and the international quinoa market has boomed. Now, what in the 80s and 90s was considered ‘peasant food’ in Perú, is becoming too expensive to be eaten by Peruvians themselves. This project is dedicated to the unsung heroes that have been growing and harvesting quinoa since the times of the Incas and never made it to your Instagram story.

Animation & VR: badgrandpa

Audio design: Ian Duclos

Duration 1.49 min.




Alesandra Miro Quesada is a Motion Graphics Artist and VR + AR developer currently working under the name badgrandpa. Recently graduating from Moving Image at Central Saint Martins Alesandra has a passion for technology and explores how it can be used as a successful communication tool. Her practice merges 3D animation music and dance to create immersive experiences that capture her audience. 

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.