Kristin Lucas

Dance with flARmingos, 2017

AR experience for HoloLens

Dance with flARmingos pays homage to the flamingo—a consummate showman and embattled victim of environmental neglect—by staging kinship between humans and flamingos in ecologically ethical ways. Multiple participants at a time move through three stages of storytelling experience: traditional, interactive, and immersive; culminating in a flamingo-led interspecies dance and an option to sponsor a wild flamingo. During interactive and immersive stages, custom software enables a spatially-unified networked “shared reality” across multiple devices and operating systems. The experience is a playful exercise in shifting from a human-centered to an ecological worldview and integrates research shared by conservation scientists and flamingo specialists.



Production support provided through an Engadget Alternate Realities Grant, Pioneer Works Tech Residency, NYSCA & Wave Farm Media Arts Assistance Fund (MAAF), and UT Austin. Additional support provided by BAU Institute Summer Arts Residency; Harvestworks New Works Residency; Print Screen Festival & YAFO Creative Digital Art Residency; and Oregon Story Board AR/VR Artist Research Residency, co-organized by Upfor and Eyebeam.


Made in partnership with Tour du Valat; in consultation with Arnaud Bechêt, Tour du Valat; Felicity Arengo, AMNH; Noam Weiss, IBRCE; and with team collaborators Regine Basha, Adriano Clemente, Ben Purdy, Thomas Wester, Tommy Martinez, and Ziv Schneider.


AR experience for Microsoft HoloLens and Apple iPad Pro.




Artist Kristin Lucas explores the impacts of technological change on humanity, culture, and storytelling. Lucas pairs the intangible with the uncertain in experiential works that are performative and social, circuitous and bittersweet, and that lie somewhere between reality and “reality”. She is the recipient of numerous grants and residencies, including an Engadget Alternate Realities Grant and a Pioneer Works Tech Residency in 2017. Her experiences have been presented at And/Or Gallery, Ace Theater, and at festivals including BAM Teknopolis, Cinekid, EarthxFilm, Okeechobee Music & Arts, Toronto International Film, and Wall Street Journal Future of Everything; and featured in Engadget and Hyperallergic. Lucas earned a BFA from The Cooper Union and an MFA in Art Practice from Stanford University. She lives between New York and Austin.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic AR experience, please send an email to us.