Studio Above&Below

(Daria Jelonek and Perry-James Sugden)

Digital Atmosphere, 2020

VR experience for Magic Leap

Digital Atmosphere is a Mixed Reality sculpture which reacts to a city's air pollution in realtime (usually invisible to the naked eye), and translates it into an evocative visual simulation, visible to the viewer through an AR headset. The physical shape and digital behaviour of the artwork is inspired by investigations into early air pollution devices, such as Canary birds, and computational flocking systems, sensing, reacting and visualising changes of air quality in a poetic way. This project is based on a year long R&D commission, part of the art and technology fellowship at Near Now 2019-2020, fully funded by Arts Council England. The spatial sound is influenced by conversations with scientists from King's College in London and results in an abstract non linear experience. The Atmo Sensor, which reads PM 2.5 and PM10 was developed in close collaboration with Swiss INT Studio. How would you feel if we wear Augmentation Glasses on an everyday basis, picturing the immediate change of air and its origin – would this change the way we behave, move and navigate through future cities?


Duration: no

Roomscale: 3 x 3 x 3m




Studio Above&Below is a London based artist duo made of Daria Jelonek (DE) and Perry-James Sugden (UK) after graduating from the Royal College of Art. Their work combines computational design, XR and digital art in order to draw together unseen connections between humans, machines and the environment. Over the last years the duo has created ground breaking artworks using immersive technologies such as AR and MR with live data inputs in order to make the invisible visible and give our environment a voice to express itself. The duo’s work has been exhibited internationally at institutions such as the Royal Academy, Tate Modern, V&A London, Photophore during the Venice Biennale, Today Art Museum, WRO Biennale, SONAR, WIRED Japan, HeK Basel and the International Shortfilm Festival Oberhausen. Previous prizes and fundings include the Near Now Fellowship, Collusion Art Funding, Lumen Prize (shortlisted), Bloomberg Bursary, WIRED Creative HackAward (finalist), Communication Arts Award – Interactive Art and the Battersea Sculpture Prize.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.