Salome Asega & Reese Donohue & Tongkwai Lulin 

ASM(V)R, 2017    

VR experience for Oculus Rift

First presented at MoMA PS1, ASM(V)R is an experiment in binaural audio and sound-reactive visual meditation. Created in collaboration with NYC-based artist collective and label PTP Records, ASM(V)R seeks to explore the Uncanny Valley of intimacy in the ASMR Youtube community in the first-ever virtual reality ASMR experience. ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) refers to the experience of head tingling caused by sensory stimuli on the skin. It is a blissful, emotional response often creating goosebumps. This reaction can also be triggered by digital media, such as virtual reality experiences.



Salome Asega is a Brooklyn-based artist and researcher whose practice celebrates dissensus and multivocality. She is the co-host of speculative talk show Hyperopia: 20/30 Vision on bel-air radio and the Assistant Director of POWRPLNT, a digital art collaboratory. Salome has participated in residencies and fellowships at Eyebeam, New Museum, and the Laundromat Project, and she has given presentations at New Inc, Performa, Eyeo, and the Schomburg Center. Salome currently has work in the 11th Shanghai Biennale. She received her MFA from Parsons at The New School in Design and Technology and her BA from New York.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.