Mohsen Hazrati

Tey-Al-Tool Interactive, 2017

VR experience for HTC Vive

Tey al-Tool is a similar word to Tay al-Arz, but the difference is on changing Arz (meaning the world and also width) to Tool (meaning length) in the Persian language.

tey al-arz ("folding up of the earth" or "covering long distances in the twinkling of an eye") is the name for teleportation in the mystical form of Islamic religious and philosophical tradition. The concept has been expressed as "traversing the earth without moving"; some have termed it "moving by the earth being displaced under one's feet.

Tey-Al-Tool is my ongoing digital self-portrait project by creating virtual 3D worlds based on my experiences of working with the computer software and allow the audience to teleport and discover it. This project is more like a research or challenge for me to find digital aesthetic potentials of my daily real life and experiencing the meaning of characteristic creation as a media artist.




Mohsen Hazrati graduated in 2012 with a BA in graphic design from Shiraz Art Institute of Higher Education, minoring in new media and digital art, where he was also acted as a teachers’ asistant. His works focus on digital culture, new-aesthetic and the integration of these two issues into the Shirazi culture and have been exhibited in Transfer Gallery and  Babycastles Gallery - New York, and Matchbox Gallery - Texas, Dar-Al-Wrong “The first Iranian Embassy of the wrong biennale Inside Iran” at V-Gallery - Tehran etc. Since 2013, in collaboration with MiladForouzande, he has been the co-founder and curator of “Dar-AlHokoomeh Project”; a new media art project and activity based in Shiraz,Iran. In 2016, Mohsen began lecturing as an assistant professor in his alma mater, teaching Digital Aesthetics and VFX courses. In 2017, Mohsen was invited as one of the guest speakers on the “Mollasadra St” episode of TEDx video series.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.