Olivia Mc Gilchrist

MYRa, 2020

VR experience for Oculus Go

A poetic response to the loss of my best friend in a car accident, MYRa combines digital underwater worlds with performance art; where viewers can experience the feeling of being submerged by grief in an immersive VR work. After filming myself along the coast of Tadoussac in northern Québec in 360 videos, I edited and overlaid this with videos of several bodies of water (ocean, lake, river). I then programmed effects with shaders in Unity3D (video game software) to transform these videos into the final artwork. For increased physical comfort, accessibility and portability, there are no interactive elements for the user to activate in MYRa, so each viewer will experience the same work. My intention is to provide a safe, comfortable environment in which my artistic vision can attract both a general audience, and those interested in experiencing the rapid progress of portable VR technology. MYRa was exhibited in “Bcc:” an international group exhibition co-presented by Decoy Magazine (CA) and Vivid Projects (UK) (2019). It will be presented at “Laval Virtual” (FR) Augmented and Virtual Reality Salon (new dates TBC, postponed for April 2020). COUNTRY OF PRODUCTION - Canada, PRODUCTION SUPPORT - Decoy Magazine (CA) Hexagram (CA) Milieux Institute (CA).


Duration: 4 min.




Artist Statement: "I am a multi-media artist and educator engaged in questions about identity. My current research-creation project investigates how VR and video installation offer new experiences of embodiment within feminist frameworks. Growing up between Jamaica, the UK and France as a visibly white French-Jamaican, I became interested in masking as a subversive practice in the Jamaican carnival 'Jonkonnu’. Since 2015, this has led me to explore the potential of VR within multimedia installations, where the physicality of the head mounted display becomes an inward-looking mask that isolates the viewer from her context, as opposed to acting as a mask which either hides or transforms her identity from others. I have exhibited VR, film-based and photographic art works in the following countries: Canada, Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, Grenada, Trinidad, USA, Brazil, Austria, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, UK."

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.