Selly Raby Kane

The Other Dakar, 2017

VR experience for Mobile VR


A little girl is chosen to discover the invisible Dakar.


A Senegalese girl is chosen to journey through the surreal, invisible life-force of her city. Combining design and mythology, the 360 experience revives a sense of community in the urban Dakar.


Filmmakers note:

The Other Dakar was made with these two ingredients: accident and pro-action with the underlying aim to contribute to the rebrand of an understated city. For herself, Africa and the world. Art and technology are strategic assets to transform the daily Dakar experience. Combined with design and mythology, they become central to revive a sense of community in the urban Dakar. The Other Dakar is a manifesto in a sense, it is for me a way to reconnect the urban space with its mythology and to use design and creativity as a platform for the invisible Dakar to express her uniqueness. In a time where materialism occupies the mainstream, there is a need to re-invest imaginary spaces and use them as a fertile soil for the necessary adjustments we need to implement as a country facing several cultural and political changes.



An Electric South Production


Director: Selly Raby Kane

DOP: John Njaga Demps

1st Assistant Camera: Djibril Dia

2nd Assistant Camera: Ibrahima Diop

Gaffer: Ibrahima Doumbouya

Key Grip: Elhaj Doumbouya, Abdourahmane Ka

Costume: Selly Raby Kane

Accessories: Alioune Sambe, Iba Seck, Beenouch Seck

Production design: Cheikh Bamba Loume (Cheikha), Selly Raby Kane, Alioune Sambe, Iba Seck, Yankhouba Barry

Make-up artist: Khady Niang

Make-up assistants: Marieme  Ngom, Beenouch Seck

Locations: Terou Baay Adama Gueye, Dibeterie Le Kheweul, Tonton Sonko’s, Bar le Seoul, Espace Médina

Soundtrack: Alioune Kébé

Final Mix: Simon Ratcliffe (Sound and Motion Studios)

Additional Sound Effects: Carl Roberts



Selly Raby Kane belongs to a new generation of urban, curious and open-to-the-world artists and designers who are bringing a new energy to Senegalese culture. Born and raised in the Senegalese capital, she studied at French fashion business school Mod’Spé in Paris and lived in the US before travelling in Africa.

Along the way she developed an eclectic, uninhibited style that owes as much to street artist Banksy as it does to her love of traditional West African textiles. Through her eponymous label (formerly called Seraka), Kane expresses her strong and rebellious personality, frequently using three-dimensional moulded shapes, bold pattern and unusual materials such as PVC and fake hair.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.