V.DREAM, 2018

VR experience for Oculus Rift

V.DREAM is a Virtual Reality installation using the technological potential of sound and visual immersion of VR to stimulate the natural phenomenon of lucid dreaming (a dream where we are conscious that we dream). Lay down on the bed. Put your headset on. Let the V.DREAM generator send complex pulsating lights patterns, colours and sounds to your brain and enjoy the uniqueness and richness of your perceptual world, memory and vision. The best VR is in us.

Duration: 7 mins    




Li Alin is an artist in the field of visual art and new media. Since 1995, her interdisciplinary production deals with re-narrating possible futures. In V.DREAM she propose an environment where the VR technology is used to amplify our natural potential for Lucid Dreaming. She worked with, among others: Société of Art and Technologies (Montréal), Re­combinant Media Labs, (San Francisco), Parc d’Aventures Scientifiques (Mons), Inter Society for Electronic Arts (Paris), Festival du nouveau cinéma (Montréal), ZKM, Center for Arts and New Medias (Karlsruhe), and the Canadian Cultural Centre (Paris). Her previous project, Enter Me Tonight (EMT) is a Virtual Reality Installation. It has been presented at the Haus der Elektronischen Künste in Basel, at Cynetart in Dresden, at REpublica in Berlin and at Digifest in Toronto. Her new VR installation V.DREAM premiered internationally in June 2018 at the Digital Biennial in Montreal and was presented in several European and U.S festivals. Li Alin is co-founder and co-director of Real Art Estate (RAE), an experimental interdisciplinary Art Land project that question gentrification and the fragmentation of knowledge situated 50km from Berlin.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.