Johan Knattrup Jensen

with participation of Therese Willstedt, Rikke Benborg, Ali Abassi, and Julian Juhlin


VR experience for HTC Vive 

ANTHROPIA, synopsis

60 minutes, freewalk/room scale VR, 6 audiences per hour.


ANTHROPIA is a sci-fi ceremony on a minigolf course in 5 chapters.

During an seemingly innocent game of minigolf, you're sliding in to a dissolution of the world, as you know it, and you are asked to consider your role and self image as a human being in the anthropocene world.

The five chapters is respectively called: 1) LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS (Guilt; Ecological Disorder), 2) TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DREAMS (Depression; Conundrum Anxiety), 3) GIVE UP YOUR IDEALS FOR THE FUTURE (Shame; Homeostasis Disruption), 4) GET OUT OF YOURSELF (Longing; Anthropophobia), and 5) BE YOUR OWN GOD IN THIS REALITY (Joy; Higher Self Disorder).


ANTHROPIA is written and directed by Johan Knattrup Jensen, produced by Mads Damsbo, and the chapters are made respectively by Therese Willstedt, Rikke Benborg, Ali Abassi, Julian Juhlin, and Johan Knattrup Jensen. ANTHROPIA is presented by MAKROPOL.




Johan Knattrup Jensen works in the intersection of cinema, installation, and live performances, and his work is often a mix of different formats and genres. His work have been exhibited and screened in major film festivals, galleries, and art museums all over the world.

Born 1979 in Denmark. Moved to Copenhagen in 2001, where he still lives and works. He studied at Danish film school Super16 from 2009-12. Awarded a grant for continuation of artistic work by the Danish Art Council in 2013. In 2015 he teamed up with producer Mads Damsbo in creating the progressive production studio MAKROPOL.




If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.