Jessy Jetpacks    

can our bodies still remember, 2017

(part of day of the challenger installation)    

VR experience for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Mobile VR

“can our bodies still remember” is a 24 minute long 360 video looped, first shown as part of the installation “day of the challenger” at the Royal academy of art schools in 2017. The title is a lyric from the accompanying soundtrack.

In the install the viewer is sat in a tilted chair at the back of a room, this same chair and room are replicated to scale in the video. In the video however the roof and 4th wall are missing, opening out into a desert landscape with a sped up day night cycle, in turn this atmosphere is projected out into the real room, so there is an interplay between the virtual and the installation.

The music corresponds in theme and tone to motifs of sunrise, light, sunset, evening, night. Along with themes of love, longing, belligerence, surrealism, the cosmos, and existentialism.

The pace, music, moving clouds, and stars create a sense of exploratory re-embodiment. As the viewers mind struggles to locate their physical presence, they are given a surreal surrogate. A cloud of light particles appear and begin to form the lower half of the body. Becoming milky and watery a pair of legs emerge, grow across the room, shrink back into the body and eventually disperse as sparks floating in the darkness.




Jessy Jetpacks (1987 Dubai) is a London based multi-disciplinary artist. A maximalist in referencing and emotional registers, jetpacks works across many mediums, most recently focusing on video, digital works, virtual reality, music and 3d printing. her work is poignant provocative and engaging, with a dark sense of humour and a sometimes belligerent vulnerability. themes and interests range from the global political to the fundamental and private human condition- advocacy, poetry, and philosophy all finding their place. recent VR works have been concerned with achieving emotional nuance and soft-submersive psychological landscapes.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.