Ida Kvetny

GAZE, 2019

VR experience for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Oculus Go

In the VR art work GAZE, the audience takes on a surreal and virtual art experience, where the oldest art forms such as the sculpture and the painting meet the future of the digital age. Through the work, the audience will be able to challenge the law of gravity and float in an inner landscape with recognizable urban elements and 3D-scanned ceramic sculptures. The work is based on a kind of new psychedelic revolution with references to surrealism and automatic drawing – now as an experience in four dimensions, where the viewer will be able to move freely inside the work. The VR work is meant to be viewed either alone or in the context of a physical art installation containing a pair of rebuild panorama binoculars, which previously stood on an old tower’s platform in Copenhagen. Now it has been updated for VR and lets the viewer explore an ancient language that transcend times, places and cultures, in this digital age, – a GAZE of phenomena and archetypes at a time when concepts like collective subconsciousness, memory storage and artificial intelligence form a new conception of reality.


Music by

La Fontaine d’Arethuse, Mythica: Works for Violin and Piano- Benedikte Damgaard & Emil Gryesten.




Ida Kvetny (1980) lives and works in Copenhagen. She works with painting in an extended field. Kvetny expresses itself in both two and three dimensions, and in VR art another dimension is added. Institutional and sculptural she works with a number of archetypes and symbols derived from the motifs of painting. The materials are clay, plaster or wood.

Ida Kvetny says: “In a digital age, I try to explore a language that crosses times, places and cultures. I work with phenomena and archetypes at a time when concepts such as collective subconsciousness, memory storage and artificial intelligence form a new perception of reality. "

Ida Kvetny has a BA (Hons) in Drawing & Painting from Edinburgh College of Art, 2006, and an MFA from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, London, 2007. In 2005, she attended the prestigious Norfolk Summer School of Art at Yale University. 

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.