Enter Me Tonight, 2016

VR experience for Oculus Rift or Oculus Go

In her installation Enter Me Tonight (2016), artist Li Alin seats the visitor in the center of a circle of chairs. In her virtual experience, the viewer then appears in the middle of seven cloned versions of the female fictional character DeNA. Li Alin recreates another world where women reflect and take action to upgrade the reproductive system that seems to become more and more artificial and inhuman. She talks about artificial uteri, reproduction methods and the dysfunctional reproductive system that should be saved, protected and improved. She speaks of new evolutionary strategies that emphasize the role of women and female orgasm, as well as the principle of love as the best evolutionary strategy to preserve a healthy reproduction system. DeNA supports strategies like collecting and preserving endangered semen in pyramids, giving female maximal orgasmic pleasure during insemination and pleasing the economic system with semen beauty products collected through a mass extraction program. She further introduces several (artificial) methods of insemination like the Vibro Gun.




Since 1995, Li Alin has been creating art using human reproduction as her main axis of research. Her interdisciplinary production deals with energy transfers and their singular qualities. From one medium to another, through reality and virtual, what is gained, what is lost, which is the copy or the original? How are the particular states of matter and incarnations perceived? Her projects include a notorious internet sperm bank Eugenie sponsored by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris, the provocative sperm distribution Weisser Markt in the Zoologischer Stadtgarten Karlsruhe, EXPOSE her 10 video screens installation created with Cecile Martin during Mutek 2014 co-presented by Recombinant Media Labs and her ovum and sperm recruiting session Eugenie 2.0 in the dome of the Society of Art and Technology in Montreal. Her latest project, Enter Me Tonight (EMT) has become a book. EMT is also taking form in sculptures, prints, virtual reality and a series of reading-performances. This project is based around a main character, DeNA advocating alternative strategies to what she calls the escapist one: Escaping the earth in stateship orbital tomb, escaping women’s bodies in artificial uteri and escaping reality in VR. She is also the co-founder and co-director of Real Art Estate (RAE) with Marcus Sendlinger. RAE are experimental interdisciplinary Art Lands projects that question gentrification and the fragmentation of knowledge. Real Art Estate is established on a farm and on a distillery 50 km from Berlin.

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