Jessy Jetpacks    

Low Winter Sun, 2017    

VR experience for HTC Vive

4 minute long walking sim, first shown at the “Virtually Real” exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, sponsored by HTC to showcase VR artworks and VR to 3D printing. Low Winter Sun is an attempt to give the viewer something unexpectedly serene and optimistic, given the typically dystopic visual cues. The sim begins in a misty starlit night, on a rocky desert landscape. You are able to walk around a small clear area overlooking a slight depression in the landscape, with boulders obscuring the view behind and mountains in the distance. Giant trilobites start filing past in lines with bioluminescent eyes; adults and babies moving in herds. The sky is lightening, the whole simulation is set to a soundtrack of serene, vocal-led ambient electronic music. In the misty dawn, as you turn around, women have appeared behind you in the distance. As you further scan the environment they will appear ever closer in small groups, always where you were not looking. They are dancing to the music in surreal formations. As the sun rises, the world is revealed to be a rich red martian landscape and white dusty rocks rise up into the sky. They are mouths singing along with the music, which at this point is reaching a rhythmical and anti-romantic peak. As the song finishes, the women run off and you are left alone in the landscape, surrounded by floating mouths, left to ponder. music co-written with Al Gaudie (Truc).




Jessy Jetpacks (1987 Dubai) is a London based multi-disciplinary artist. A maximalist in referencing and emotional registers, jetpacks works across many mediums, most recently focusing on video, digital works, virtual reality, music and 3d printing. her work is poignant provocative and engaging, with a dark sense of humour and a sometimes belligerent vulnerability. themes and interests range from the global political to the fundamental and private human condition- advocacy, poetry, and philosophy all finding their place. recent VR works have been concerned with achieving emotional nuance and soft-submersive psychological landscapes.

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