Owen Harris & Niki Smit & Monobanda

DEEP, 2018

VR experience for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

DEEP is a meditative VR experience that is controlled by deep belly breathing.  We are lead by art and backed by science.


The Game:

Deep  allows players to navigate through a serene and poetic underwater world. Movement is controlled by slow, deep belly breathing which relieves anxiety and tension in the player. It uses a self-explorative, visually stunning underwater seascape and biofeedback mechanics.

Deep is aimed at teaching people valuable emotion regulation techniques in a safe and supporting environment. 


Art & Science:

The project is made in close collaboration with a team of scientists at the Radboud University & the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab. Over the last 4 years our scientific colleagues have demonstrated the efficacy of DEEP as an intervention for people with anxiety


Duration of work: between 5 and 40 min.




Owen Harris

Owen is a game and virtual reality designer based in Dublin, Ireland. His work focuses on the nexus of playfulness, science and well being.

When not working on DEEP, he helps build Theia, a VR Cancer Lab with scientists and researchers from Cambridge University, MIT, Cancer Research UK and he has spoken all over the world on the topics of games, virtual reality and  mental health.


Niki Smit

Niki is designer of play & cofounder at artcollective Monobanda. He aims to explore and expand the boundaries of play and interaction. Working on both commissioned projects and independent projects, Monobanda focuses heavily on researching and developing news forms of play and meaningful creativity. Smit regularly gives talks and workshops in the Netherlands and abroad on the importance of free play within interactive media.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.