Maze, 2017

VR experience for HTC Vive

Each era has its own special characteristics, it can be represented as a certain system of rules and relations, in which we get into from the moment of our birth. The state of the accelerated time and hence the feeling of a constant lag are typical for postmodern society. Not the game exit but being a part of this race gives person a sense of security and calmness. We are hiding in artificial enviroments, constructed by our consciousness. These enviroments seem to be a familiar and create the illusion of safety; places, where we can forget ourselves and feel confident. But these are only points in a maze, which always throws us back into the real and savage world. The project consists of the empty limited space, where the viewer puts on a VR-helmet and gets into an infinite virtual maze. Walking around the room, he moves across illusory corridors, which regenerate themselves automatically. The viewer doesn't know if the end point exists or not. But eventually he always needs to go back to the real world, which is still an empty room - the starting point.




Daryna Fes (1992) is an independent artist working primarily with interactive VR. She is interested in discovering a potential of the technology as a separate form of art. Main themes of her projects are differences and similarities between physical and digital worlds, ways of transition from one world to another and our [un]awareness of it, concepts of infiniteness and limits, perception of the human body and emotions. She is using game engines (Unity and UE4) to program environments that react to viewer’s presence. Models and sounds in her works are usually generated or downloaded from the internet. Daryna resides in Kyiv, Ukraine.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.