Johanna Acham, Jan Con, Stephan Hoellwarth & Sandro Sanin

Unexpected Observer: Dragonfly Experience, 2020

VR experience for HTC Vive

Unexpected Observer takes place in one of the most known buildings from Innsbruck, the "Hofkirche". It was originally built as a grave for the Habsburg "Emperor Maximilian I" and is still strongly affected by the history of the Habsburg dynasty. We tried to establish a link to that time and report on its events. The focus of our experience is the exploration of this historic building while slipping into a very untypical protagonist for this place - the dragonfly. From the animal's point of view, good known places can be reinterpreted by human while discovering a different perspective to see things in general. The dragonfly perceives its surroundings in ultraviolet and processes much more images per second that human. In addition, the animal is equipped with large compund eyes which allow a field of vision from almost 360°. A place, characterized by historical events, polarizing atmosphere and many dark figures. An unusual jouney back in time to those who lived back then and whose decisions still have an impact today in a way you will not experience every day. Unexpected Observer gives you the oppurtunity to see the world with the eyes of a dragonfly. Inside the experience your vision will be ranging from another spectrum of colors and different speeds as you are usually perceiving. The dragonfly can process about 8 times more pictures per second than human, so in comparison we would see everything in slow motion. Inside the experience you can control the slow motion with flying slower or faster. Also, the effect of compound eyes, a dragonfly has about 30000 facets per eye, changes with your speed.


Duration: 5 min.




This work "Unexpected Observer" was developed as part of the 52 HZ – Weird Intermediate Beings, Virtual Reality Seminar at ./studio3 Institute for experimental architecture in University of Innsbruck in 2020 under the supervision of Uwe Brunner & Cenk Guezelis. The collective has researched on new way of seeing in LIDAR Scan Environments through various Animal Visions (Snail,Chameleon,Mandarinfish, Dragonfly, Clownfish, Python) to create virtual reality experiences that can change the way we perceive our built environments. All pieces of the exhibition:

Jaclyn Debiasi, Iris Schumacher, Rebecca Sillaber, The Forbidden Fruit, 2020. Anna Klam, Hannah Kotai, Lukas Vorreiter, Andreas Thaler, Reefkid, 2020. David Kienpointner, Nathaniel Nutt, Moritz Riedl, Konrad Sonne, Submerge, 2020 Sabrina Neuwirh, Fabio Brun, Laura Kopp, Magdalena Recheis, Paradox, 2020. Jan Classen, Jonas Laengfelder, Anna Pompermaier, Jim Wagner, Counterfactual Mythologies, 2020.

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