On The Way Of The Future, 2017

We've been going to the Future for so long that it has learned to walk on its own and mutated from time into something almost tangible, Physical. This Future won't come one day, it already exists here and now, alongside in the present, always ahead, always stepping towards us, quicker, closer. The viewer puts on a VR-helmet with headphones and gets into a black space with images and white figure (the Future) approaching him. Viewer cannot move, only rotate, but then the figure also changes its position, so it is always in front of the viewer until it comes close. This process is recursive and each time images around change randomly. They are of three types - from older projects, from the google-search with keywords "future/progress" and photos of technological inventions and developments.




Daryna Fes (1992) is an independent artist working primarily with interactive VR. She is interested in discovering a potential of the technology as a separate form of art. Main themes of her projects are differences and similarities between physical and digital worlds, ways of transition from one world to another and our [un]awareness of it, concepts of infiniteness and limits, perception of the human body and emotions. She is using game engines (Unity and UE4) to program environments that react to viewer’s presence. Models and sounds in her works are usually generated or downloaded from the internet. Daryna resides in Kyiv, Ukraine.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.