Kathi Schulz

The Fear Of Disappearing, 2020

VR experience for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

The Fear Of Disappearing focuses on the transferability of artistic approaches. Painting all elements of the piece by applying techniques of abstract painting in the virtual space, Schulz creates three-dimensional paintings resulting in a new visual language redefining the boundaries between art and technology. The piece addresses the disembodiment of the player in the virtual space and provokes a reflection on the limitations of VR technologies by investigating the mind-body connection and how the perception of this relationship alters when transferring from the physical into the virtual world. The viewer is led through abstract spaces facing questions about consciousness and perception. By omitting important information enigmatic universes cause irritation, narrative elements that are not fully palpable make room for assumptions. The viewer is thrown back to their own experiences and stimulated to reconnect with their imagination. A field of tension is created between pristine spaces, promising future visions, and new technologies. Raw landscapes represent a dystopia, to which irresponsible interference with nature and use of technologies might lead. Opposed to this dystopic potentiality stands the narrative, the processing of individual experiences through examining the definition of the self and one's own consciousness. In this utopian vision, the advancements of art, technology, and science lead to improved communication possibilities and increased empathy.


Duration: 15 - 20 min.





Kathi Schulz (1991, Berlin, Germany) is a painter and multimedia artist. Her work focuses on the intersection of painting and technology, where she creates a strong connection between the two media of imagery. By transferring formal aesthetic approaches from one to the other medium Schulz explores the interpretation of reality and perception. She introduces a new, antidisciplinary concept in which definitions of painting, sculpture, viewer, and player need to be renegotiated. Her work does not only aesthetically depicts the permeability of analog and digital worlds, the complexity of relationships, (social) networks, and digital communication but allows the viewer to experience it. Schulz’s body of work consists of paintings, interactive VR experiences, VR- and live stream performances and video pieces. By merging analog and digital approaches, she enforces a radical digitalization that expands the definition of the pictorial space of contemporary painting. Her work evaluates how art may be created, consumed, and presented from here on out. Kathi Schulz lives and works in Düsseldorf and Berlin.

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