Anan Yoon Lee

Spherical Garden, 2019

VR experience for HTC Vive

The VR experience "Spherical Garden" invites the viewer to the gravity-free journey into digital Ark. In this work, VR's spherical lenses are used as an experimental medium for a new visual paradigm. The Spherical garden is planted with the eclectic digital flora and fauna found from various 3d archives for video game production or scientific, educational research. The library of digital 'ARK-ive' is ever-expanding and impossible to complete. This eye-catching landscape is mediated through VR glasses, which exceeds the human field of view and showcase too many images for the human eye's capacity. The Spherical garden displays the various shape of the skies which surround the viewer's virtual eye. It becomes our private sky which is impossible to feel the scale of it. The camera rides beyond the shell of the sky, dive into the shell of a sea turtle, traverse across a torso of whale and a snout of the wolf. The animal becomes our sky. The boat rides on an endless loop, unveils the boundaries of the anthropocentric viewpoint.


Duration : 7:50 (loop)

Format : Roomscale




Anan Yoon Lee is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Berlin. Her artistic practice mainly focuses on the technologies of observation and visual representation, which display the latent power structure on the human-nonhuman relationship. Her artistic works become meta-observatory where she shares her observation on current social, political and cultural/natural phenomena. Using various moving images range from found footage of Youtube to video game, she produces disparate scenery where the story on the infinite human desire and the finite material world is narrated.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.