Fabian Lehmann & Filip Krause    

Miner, 2017   

VR experience for HTC Vive

The core work of a miner as well as for a shaman is rooted in transportation of energy, whether through hard physical work in substantially inhuman conditions or through rituals, eternal repetition of symbols, gestures and rhythms. The work Steiger opens up a horizon of experiences in which these seemingly different disciplines reveal their similarities.

Character Design: Malte Dittmann 

Sounddesign: David Jankowiak

Narrators: Luise Schubert, Mirko Jugelt    


This work was developed as part of the THIS IS FAKE exhibition at Schacht Dölitz (former underground mine for brown coal) in Leipzig in 2017. Four site specific VR experiences were displayed in the loading bay of a shut down coal mine which is now being transformed into a place for art and cultural projects by its owners.

All pieces of the exhibition:

Yannick Harter, Fragments of a Hologram Rose, 2017

Fabian Lehmann & Filip Krause, Steiger, 2017   

Clemens Schöll, On The Allegedly Last Piece Of Lignite, 2017

Clemens Schöll, Questions To Self-Perception, 2017




Fabian Lehmann is a Leipzig based Artist. His works deal with different kinds of communication systems and how different media change our way of interacting and perceiving reality. For his works he uses various media and materials such as digital images, vr environments and sound installations in public space - depending on each subject of the work. 


Filip Paul Krause is an artist and designer, based in Leipzig, Germany. His focus is creating dense and immersive experiences in which complex problems are reduced to simple phenomena and gestures. He is fascinated by how VR empowers the recipients subjective view and by creating perceptible experiences.


They're both founding members of the Leipzig based media-art collective THIS IS FAKE for which this work has been realized. 

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.