I am a Ghost in Your Dream, 2015   

VR experience for Oculus Rift

Dream scenes, like virtual reality scenes, are immersive, complex, multimodal and sequentially organised models of the world. Virtual reality is an experience which is repeatable and open for intersubjective communication, whereas a dream is a unique and purely subjective experience. This performance focused on the reproduction of (especially visual and spatial) content in dreams in the virtual reality to make them accessible for intersubjective communication. Every visitor seperately entered the room in the basement. They were told by the artist that he will share four dreams with them. After they put the virtual reality headset on and could stand in front of a body motion capture camera and put a on. 

Thereafter the visitors entered virtual scenes showing visual reproductions of a dream, as immersive, 3 dimensional and interactive scenes. Finally the visitor had the opportunity to look into the dream diary of the artist, which is in format of a graphic novel.    




Mert Akbal's artistic research focuses on the cognitive processes that play a role in the development of art. He presents two theses, on "oneiric dreams" and on "the curiosity". In his first thesis he argues that the oneiric dreams are poetic simulations that form an evolutionary precursor in the emergence of a hypothetical visual expression organ. The function of this visual expression organ is comparable to the function of a monitor that is absent in the body of the mammals, in contrast to, for example present in body of squids. The visual arts are cultural technologies which try to replace this missing expression organ like a prosthesis. For this they adopt the poetic language of dreams. In his second thesis he places "curiosity" as the driving force behind all creative activities. Art, science, philosophy, and other disciplines of culture are various phenomena based on curiosity, they use just different methods. Curiosity, however, is, according to him, is also a universal motivation for every change that breaks out of inertia and eternally repetitive cycles.

If you are interested in exhibiting or viewing this artistic VR experience, please send an email to us.