Jan Classen, Jonas Laengenfelder, Anna Pompermaier & Jim Wagner

Counterfactual Mythology: Chameleon Vision, 2020

VR experience for HTC Vive

Counterfactual Mythology: when the Chameleon loosed Echo from Narcissus is an attempt to break the human-centered perception and visual regime, to question supposedly natural processes, routines and reactions in order to experience a new perspective on ethics, aesthetics and the so called ‘real’. Based on the interaction between virtual space and physical space, between the users and the viewers, the action and the narrative, a constantly changing individual experience is created each time. It explores the causalities between the actual and the virtual - the reality of the virtual, its inversion, the place of ambiguity and freedom of use and virtuality itself as an advantageous space for rethinking architectonics and examining the self. The experience is meant to be discovered by two players at the same time. Counterfactual Mythology tries to apply the physical specificity of the bodily experience to the design of ‘more fluid’ human-computer interaction environments in order to discover new sensorimotor capacities of navigating space. The Chameleon player (VR headset) moves through different scenes exploring the virtual world with the eyes attached to his hands (controllers). Two distinguished three-dimensional images will be processed in its mind at the same time. The second player is wearing a motion capture suit and the performance takes place on the top view projection of the experience in virtual space. With his movements he interacts with the geometry and colors of the scenes and creates an immersivesoundscape which is also perceived by the viewers. VR experience for HTC Vive + MR performance with Rokoko Smartsuit.


Duration: 8 min.




This work "Counterfactual Mythology" was developed as part of the 52 HZ – Weird Intermediate Beings, Virtual Reality Seminar at ./studio3 Institute for experimental architecture in University of Innsbruck in 2020 under the supervision of Uwe Brunner & Cenk Güzelis. The collective has researched on new way of seeing in LIDAR Scan Environments through various Animal Visions (Snail,Chameleon,Mandarinfish,Dragonfly, Clownfish, Python) to create virtual reality experiences that can change the way we perceive our built environments. All pieces of the exhibition:

Anna Klam, Hannah Kotai, Lukas Vorreiter, Andreas Thaler, Reefkid, 2020

Jaclyn Debiasi, Iris Schumacher, Rebecca Sillaber, The Forbidden Fruit, 2020. David Kienpointner, Nathaniel Nutt, Moritz Riedl, Konrad Sonne, Submerge, 2020. Johanna Acham, Stephan Hoellwarth, Jan Con, Sandro Sanin, Unexpected Observer, 2020. Sabrina Neuwirth, Fabio Brun, Laura Kopp, Magdalena Recheis, Paradox, 2020.

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